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January 7, 2007
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Wings to fly by falingard Wings to fly by falingard
It's an old character! Not that old. Not that charactered. In fact, the reason I decided to draw him again was because a previous picture of him happened to be ranked LAST when I viewed my gallery in "Popularity" order - though strangely that seems to have changed now! He was in what I think was probably my last storyline idea BEFORE I started Flaky Pastry. It was in many ways similar - it united many of my stray characters from before, only it had new ones too, and took place on an airship. It was also more adventure and less humour. It did have Marelle, Nitrine and Zintiel! Zintiel was younger, and less chaotic though. And this guy, would have eventually become a romantic interest for her. WEIRD HUH.

Well, I have no plans to plug him into Flaky Pastry for now. Who knows what the future holds, though, eh? Probably wouldn't be for a long while if I did put him in. Long enough that no one will remember I posted this! If anyone ever even sees it :O
jdcunard Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
I really like this. Nice!
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2007
Interesting. Oddly his style is a bit different from the one I'm familiar with.

KILLER work on the wings. Gorgeous.
adriana7 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2007
I'm seeing it! And I will remember ;)

Great drawing, by the way :)
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