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Space Operators - antagonists by falingard Space Operators - antagonists by falingard
Back in the Space Operator groove now! To start off the villains, young Jaz Martingale. Working as a casino dealer, she found she could predict the outcome of games, and later affect said outcome with her MIND. I haven’t figured out the specifics, but she loses everything dear to her, and goes insane with psychic power. Everytime she loses, she just puts it all the line again, increasing her wager, hoping that when she finally wins, it’ll make up for all her previous losses. Each time she does this, her powers increase accordingly, and so does her insanity. So the good guys have to keep putting her down, but it’s tougher each time! Recurring villain material.

She’ll probably have something to do with the captain, just because….. his name is Spade. Haha. Spade. No, I hadn’t planned this at first! She’ll probably psychically create evil duplicates of him called Heart, Club and Diamond.


The second guy’s a debt collector! Poor Mickey Maddox was always bullied for his nerdiness as a kid, so he grew up into socially inept and bitter young man, who joined an intergalactic debt agency, giving him cyber gear and weapons and allowing him to vent his pent-up anger with the full support of the law!

Obviously he’ll come after the excentric Marquise Cherie. For some reason I see them ending up in bed. Maybe he busts into her room to “collect”, and finds her dead drunk, then she turns over and accidentally smothers him, and poor Mickey doesn’t know what to do, because he’s never been glomped by a half naked and completely drunk woman!


Johnson Caesar… uncontested lord and emperor… of sports! Picture it if you will… a famous and talented professional athlete… most valuable player in a score of popular sports… adorated by legions of fans across the galaxy… made fabulously rich by his skills and advertizing contracts… he goes from planet to planet, honouring his fans with “friendly exhibition matches”… offering to make it more “fun” with “friendly wagers”… soon he ends up owning everything on those planets he visits… yet people flock to him, fanclubs form, gyms are organized… he trains his followers, and they go challenge people for “friendly wagers”… his wealth, power and influence grows… his face is everywhere in the media… the whole galaxy bows to his rule…


I originally considered this character concept for one of the space opera protagonists, but it also has a lot to offer to the villain side! Created by Oboe, this robotic damsel is plugged into the ship at all times (or is she?!) via wires in her head – her hair! He called her GLIDA, for Good-Looking Interactive Diagnostic Accessory. He uses her to find out when there’s something wrong with the ship. More details are not known! Maybe she gets tired of being used and takes over the ship? Maybe she sees the rest of the crew abusing her beloved creator and unplugs herself and goes on a killing spree at night!

This was an interesting challenge, designing a robot more or less made out of junk, trying to make it look like a perverted old man’s fantasy. Seems like all the important parts are padded with what seems like pieces of an old leather couch!

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Cheesegoddess Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2007
I just love the way you draw outfits.
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2006
What appears to be an evil dancer, a gun-toting samurai geek, the Master from Doctor Who compensating for masculinity issues, and an android woman ala Metroplois?


Great desgins. I like the fact they all have a sense of character.
falingard Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Evil super-psychic casino dealer, vengeful nerd debt collector, pro sports star turned galactic emperor, and Good-Looking Interactive Diagnostic Accessory, actually! But close enough ;)
DragonScholar Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2006
Not really. But thanks for the sympathy. ;)

I have been quite impressed with how your art has evolved. It's not as if you weren't really good - but I find it's matured, deepened, and its got more of a unique feel. Originally more cartoony, it's now become very unique - yeah, I see some hints of Kirby and a few others, but its still YOU.
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November 24, 2006
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