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Robot002 by falingard Robot002 by falingard
Geeky babbling ahead!

I gave this guy a more military feel, I guess. Also, while the previous one was a general super-robot, meant to have ninja-like agility with its long legs, but not much else in the way of specialization, this one has a very definite purpose.
It's a robot for destroying ground-based installations. In the cockpit, the pilot is strapped in and facing down and forward, to survey targets below, which are then eliminated with the machine gun below the cockpit, the huge cannons in the shoulders, and the missile pods in the thighs and etc. Ooh yeah, it has spotlights on the sides of the cockpit to help.
The propellers are not used for flying, really. They are mostly to slow the robot's fall when it is air-dropped, or after a jump powered by the rocket boosters behind its legs. The propellers also help it keep its equilibrium when using the minimum-contact-area mode, which allows it to cross many kinds of terrains, and minimize the risk of land mines? The legs can also open up and form larger platforms/feet for greater stability when necessary. The frowny face at the top is full of radar and equipments and stuff - for navigation and communication. there's a little ladder in the torso there, if the pilot for some reason needs to climb from the cockpit to the "head". The beefy arms were added more as an afterthought, and are probably optional modules, used mostly to handle additional weapons, such as the not-coompletely-drawn bazooka-thing there.
I see these being used by a tyranical and vastly superior military as a cheap extermination mechanism for "rebel scum". Just fly by in a ship, and drop a handful of these over the rebel base. Wooo. Not classy, but desctructive.
If you say to me that the robot is rather phallic in its design, I will say to you two things:
1: Well, duh.
2: So what?
Bosshamster Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007
Hehehe, cockpit.

I'm sorry, I had to. :XD:
RogueRider Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007
The machine gun on it's crotch is kinda...well....i dunno

anyways, yay for crotch guns!
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July 4, 2007
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