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OCRP - filled (Alternate Flaky Pastry version) by falingard OCRP - filled (Alternate Flaky Pastry version) by falingard
The Fictional Characters Roleplaying Fictional Characters Meme!
OCRP - blank meme by falingard OCRP - filled (Flaky Pastry version) by falingard

Take 2! Because of course I wasn't gonna do it only once? And the rivals trio are not about to let themselves be outdone!

The Game Master this time is Professor Trace Ace, whom some may recall from the early days of the comic. Quite imaginative, that one. A bit too much? Her campaign setting is the Crystal Academy, a private boarding school for magical girls!

Morgana plays Gennefer Winsor (Soul of Burning Ice!), the passionate yet level-headed, top-scoring, super-popular class president. Always takes the lead and keeps it!

Sister Mona plays Amylia LaVioletta (Soul of Thoughtful Emotion!), the shy, loving, intelligent, generous one. May have a crush on everybody.

Prism plays Shan Tae Ree (Soul of Soaring Earth!), the anti-social delinquent. Her friends can get away with calling her Terry, but whoever calls her Shantae WILL get pummeled into the ground.

And Drake (What? Who's Drake?) plays Poleen Graf (Soul of Obfuscating Light!), the rich blonde fashionista. But beneath her sparkling facade hides a tearful secret.
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Senok13 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017
Prism choose the name of the character, so i assume she like the half-genie enough, just her character have something against it... Picking a well-knowed character, and play against the stereotypes, what the character would assume is a good roleplaying material. I made once a half-elf warlock, concetrating on lightning spells and bows (in the game M.A.G.U.S. your "Aim" score need for both), and dress up green and white clothes... We dont tell the others, what was we playing, so half od the game they believe i was an archer. :D
chad-spider Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017
This made me go back and figure out who Professor Ace is. She's a good design!

Now draw her more.
falingard Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I will if I think of anything for her to do!
Caller-of-Storms Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017
Very cool! Really liking these!
falingard Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Glad to hear it!
I may or may not have more waiting to gush out of my head :dummy:
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