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May 5, 2007
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Jackal X by falingard Jackal X by falingard
This is an entry for the latest random generator contest over at Seventh Sanctum. This time the theme is Bishies Versus Kitties!

The description, from the Bishotron, was:
"This gentleman gives you the impression of a prowling jackal. His slanted eyes are the color of blooming violets. He has shoulder-length, thick, wavy, midnight black hair. His physical form is very sleek. He has a pointed nose and elegant hands."

The Bishotron is somewhat less detailed than other, more recent generators, so I wasn't getting results I really like! So I asked a friend (a girl! who likes bishies!) to generate a good result for me. And... it worked!

I put the close-up behind him to really show how BOOMING VIOLET his eyes really are. Yes, booming. BOOM. And he's got claws because... that's so elegant!

Ever since I drew him I've had this nagging feeling that he looks similar to an existing anime character, but I can't seem to puzzled out who.
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Necromanctic Jan 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet. He kind of reminds me of a cross between Uryu from BLEACH and Leslie from your Flaky Pastry.
RemySwan Mar 2, 2010  Student Writer
Awesome. He does look like an anime character.
To be honest, the hair and glasses really remind me of Alucard, from the anime Hellsing. Really awesomely done, and congrats on both Runner Up in the contest and the induction into the Hall of Fame over on Seventh Sanctum. ^_^
Congratulations on making the runner up!

(your entry was my personal favorite of all of them)
He looks to me, kinda like Anthy from Utena. But male. XD. Maybe if her 'older brother' dyed his hair darker...I never did end up seeing the rest of the series, so I have no idea what was actually going on there... <.< >.> But yeah. Can't remember his name, so if anyone wants to volunteer, feel free.

I need to start entering Seventh Sanctum's contests...

Anyway, that was slightly off-topic...Congrats! This deserves it! ^_^
Guess what! You're runner up in the contest! Send me a Note so I know what email to send your gift certificate to!

Also, you are the first person to win my contests three times. So I'm creating a "Hall of Fame" for folks that manage to do that, to acknowledge them and their works.

The only downside is I decided Hall of Fame inductees can't enter future contests except "for fun." That's a way to make sure we keep getting new contestants and the competition changes.
Hurray! But then not-hurray at the same time :\
Yeah, I hope you understand, but I've realized that even as the scope of entrants changes and grows, I need to make sure that there's some "exit point" for people who win a lot so people feel they have a chance to win.

I do hope we'll keep seeing some "for fun" entries from you. I've so enjoyed following your art from your first entry, and you've only grown in quality and skill over time.
Clever to get his face in close-up in the background. Faces hold so much expression and you can lose that in a full body shot. Nicely done.
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