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July 4, 2007
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Gazelle by falingard Gazelle by falingard
Back to honourary pirates! This is Gazelle. Just Gazelle. She's not technically a pirate, but I always thought she'd be right at home in the pirate world. Besides, it's not a big leap from thief and gambler to pirate. Pirates are basically ass-kicking thieves with style.
There are fifteen things you should know about her:

* This character's soul burns with unquenchable flame!!
* Its hair shines like a cascade of pure light or the tail of comet
* The character doesn't like to talk about itself. It does, however, love getting others to talk about themselves - perhaps revealing more than they intend.
* This character makes its career as a thief
* It is female
* She never dresses casual.
* This character likes to take decisions by chance
* It shares its wild, danger-filled life with a partner in crime slash lover
* She always has a breeze in her hair, a smile on her lips, a sparkle in her eye and a sway in her hips
* She comes from a poor, disgraced family, and tries constantly to hide her background.
* This character dresses very lightly; it considers clothing in general a burden, and armour in particular a sign of weakness
* This character's body is wispy and delicate
* The character is a gambler
* This character is always on the move, and it's rare for her to stay in one place for long amounts of time.
* She tends to drink a lot of ale, and could outdrink the heaviest barbarian; it wins her much gold in bets.
RogueRider Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007
Well at least she and I have SOMETHIING in common (#15)
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