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Commission 001: Fatimah by falingard Commission 001: Fatimah by falingard
My first commission! (Only the commissioner gets the version without the huge watermark)

This was for :iconnerdpursuits:, who provided the following extensive description:
"This tall woman of apparent Middle Eastern ancestry has the body of an acrobat or a dancer, but has been living off her twin curved blades for a while. Her outfit is an odd mix of the stylish and the practical: flowing clothes in sand colors and light blue, vaguely inspired on her homeland's fashions, barely hide protective gear in all those places that won't impede her movement, and the addition of a blue headband ("I like my hair long, thanks, but I won't win fights if I don't see my enemies") and heavy yet luxurious boots ("not winning any fight with a twisted ankle" although they are in fact from one of her most notorious victims) make her easy to distinguish to those that have only heard of her.

Funnily enough she also fancies herself somewhat of a scholar, always messing with knowledge better left alone by the prudent, playfully heedless of any warning to the contrary. She's rarely seen far from a backpack full of scroll cases and books whose contents are nuggets of the better left alone.

Many say that she only smiles in a fight; although they aren't completely right, it is true however that she has been smiling a lot lately. She's confident (overly so?), proud, witty, confrontational, scathing and scornful of pretty much everyone she encounters, which makes her very few friends and far too many enemies to count. Those who have got to know her better know that there is a strong undercurrent of sadness and despair beneath it all, and that despite herself she's utterly loyal to those few she considers her friends. She does spend a great deal of her time getting them out of the trouble she does spend the other half of her time getting them in...
Marina-G-MC Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2009
osyris Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2007
Superb take on the provided description!
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